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Yorkshire Terriers in Houston, TX, Online

Jon, Jimmie, Jay, and Jana Rascoe
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Home of Yorkshire Terriers in Houston, TX

The lack of accountability on the internet means buyers must exercise caution when purchasing puppies online. At FancyPups.com, we often hear about unfortunate buyers being scammed or almost scammed. Many bloggers like to bring down their competitors to make themselves look good, especially if they have trouble selling their products in other ways. When shopping for Yorkshire Terriers in Houston, TX, we recommend examining every source with a critical eye and checking to ensure they’re legitimate. Some red flags to look for include:

  • Websites with no credible phone number that require you to communicate via text or email.
  • American addresses that are not theirs.
  • Yorkies that are offered for free if you pay the transportation.
  • “Backyard Breeders” using their pets to earn income rather than loving and improving the breed.

We’re the Kind of Yorkie People You Can Trust

Go with a breeding team that has more than 40 years of experience to its name. We don’t just say that our puppies are healthy; we provide a written health guarantee that you can take to your vet. If they find any problems, just bring the puppy back and we will give you a full refund. 

The quality of our standard and teacup Yorkies for sale is a source of pride for FancyPups. Each one comes with shot records, full registration, and a sample of premium Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier puppy food. They are always kept clean and groomed so that they can come to you healthy, happy, and adorable.