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Call:  281-489-3663

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Yorkipoo Puppies

Yorkipoos are a designer breed which is a cross between a Poodle and Yorkie.
They are 
bred intentionally to bring you the best traits of both breeds, including their cuteness, small size, and minimal hair shedding and skin dander. They are very popular at this time.

Our puppies are fully registered, up to date on their shots, and come with a written health guarantee. 

 "Predicted Weight" Predicted adult weights are approximate and not guaranteed.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet one of our sweet puppies,
give us a call at 281-489-3663.  
This is a landline, so text messages won't be received at this number. 

Please see tips on reserving your perfect puppy at the bottom of this page. 

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A few notes on puppy reservations: 

  • This is a landline at our home, so we will not receive text messages at this number. (281-489-3663)
  • When a person cancels their appointment, we place the puppy they reserved back on the website. Our website is updated frequently, so check back often!
  •  You don't pay anything ahead of time.  You are only required to pay when you are ready to take the pup home with you.

  • Please limit your party size to 2 or 3.  Be on time so we can space the appointments out so we won't have too many people here at once.
  • We take credit cards and cash only, no checks of any kind.  You must be the credit card owner with a credible ID.

    There is a 3% service charge for debit or credit cards.
    All purchases are subject to tax.


Thank you!