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Cute Yorkie Haircuts Come Standard in Houston, TX

Adorable Yorkie haircuts in Houston, TX, can help keep your best friend’s coat in perfect shape while giving them a charming look no one can resist. While FancyPups.com doesn’t offer grooming, we can recommend businesses you can trust with your canine companion.

Some of the most popular Yorkie haircuts include: 

Show Dog - the long, lustrous coat may look incredible in photos, but can be challenging to maintain without diligent brushing.

Puppy - low maintenance and charming define this cut for your young Yorkie.

Teddy Bear - one of the most popular Yorkie haircuts makes them look like enchanting stuffed toys.

Schnauzer - a longer coat on the legs and a little beard and mustache will make your Terrier look more like a Schnauzer.

Westie - the “chrysanthemum” trim of the West Highland White Terrier looks equally adorable on Yorkshire Terriers.

Lion - a little mane and shorter hair on the body is perfect for bringing a little lion into your home.

Three-Layered Stack – ideal for colder weather and a step down from the high-maintenance needs of a show dog’s coat.

 Designer - anything goes, but you will likely need to find a specialist groomer for this type of work. 

Contact us to discuss our Yorkshire terrier or Maltese puppies for sale when you are looking to add a delightful little dog to your life. No matter what the hairstyle, they make excellent canine companions.