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Delightful Maltese & Yorkshire Terrier Puppies in Houston, TX

The polls are in, and the results say there’s nothing better than puppy kisses to brighten your day. Let us be a part of the reason you smile with an armful of Maltese and Yorkshire terrier puppies in Houston, TX. You’ll never regret adding a canine companion to your life. Constant love, devotion, and adoration are yours for the taking when you bring home a sweet-smelling bundle of wiggling joy.

From the Yorkshire Dales to Your Livingroom

Yorkshire terriers are a feisty, fun-loving breed that wants to spend time with you. They were developed in rugged northern England, which means they’re tough little terriers that think they can run with the big dogs! Be prepared to laugh every day, love a lot, and learn for yourself why Yorkshire puppies are among the most popular toy breeds in the world today.

Puppy Planning

We invite you to learn more about us and our dogs and why we love these engaging and adorable breeds so much. Check FancyPups.com often for updates on planned litters and when you might expect to take your own beautiful puppy home.
Those big, round, and bright eyes are irresistible, and we're sure you'll become enamored in no time!