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The Importance of Regular Yorkshire Terrier Grooming
for Texas Pet Parents

Your adorable bundle of puppy kisses deserves the very best care you can provide, and that includes healthy skin and coat. At FancyPups, we encourage regular brushing and trimming to help your canine companion look and feel great.  Start your puppy off right with a grooming routine. A daily brush should take no more than a few minutes. Try to avoid pulling at knots and carefully work the brush or comb through the coat to keep it free of mats and tangles. If you want a shorter coat, it’s best to find someone experienced with Yorkshire terrier grooming in Texas.

Yorkshire Terrier Trimming

Your furry friend’s coat will continue to grow throughout his or her lifetime, so regular haircuts are essential. You may attempt this on your own or find a groomer who understands Yorkshire Terrier trimming.

Nails, Ears, & Teeth

Don’t forget to include nail trimming and check their ears and teeth for build-up. For nail care, start by handling their feet and work your way up to a nail snip at a time until they are used to it. They will never love nail trims, but they will learn to tolerate them without much fuss.

Yorkshire terrier grooming is an essential part of their health and can help create a bond that will last a lifetime.