Hours of Operation: Monday – Sunday, 10am – 7pm by appointment only


Call: (281) 489-3663  land line only

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Maltese Puppies

We are currently sold out of Maltese pups, but we will have more on December 9th. Set a reminder to check this website at 6PM on December 9 and make your puppy reservation.

In the meantime, please enjoy looking at pictures of pups we have previously sold. Our new ones will be just as cute as these.


 *** Only pay when you are ready to take the pup home with you.

***Please keep in mind that we will be masking through these difficult times and will ask you to do the same.

***Please limit your party size to 2 or 3. Be on time so we can space the appointments out so as not to have too many people here at once.

*** We take credit cards and cash only, no checks of any kind. You have to be the credit card owner to accept it and present it with a credible ID.

We offer a $50 cash discount.

Thank you!


maltese puppy