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Payment Options For Fancy Yorkies
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"Call us, you hear?"

Payment options for those who purchase our puppies are:


 ***Cash....  For those who pay by cash, we will give you a $50 discount for puppies costing under $1000. For puppies costing $1000 or more, we will give you a $100 discount.

 ****Personal checks we do not accept any kind of check!

*** Most major credit cards with solid ID. Card must belong to person presenting it.  If you would like the cash discount, we will put the amount of the deposit back on your credit card and you can pay the amount by cash. 






Please call us for questions about payment.





We do not take deposits on puppies until their pictures are on our website.  That way we know exactly what puppy you want.


 If you would like to be assured that the puppy you want will be here when you arrive, you might want to consider calling us and placing a $200 deposit on the pup of your choice.  If you get here and change your mind, or want a different puppy, we will be glad to transfer or refund your deposit.

Once we take a deposit on a puppy, we take their picture off our site, so no one will see your puppy before you.